Register Your Pet’s RFID Chip

Finally, you can accomplish it: Google can find your pet JUST with the chip code when scanned.

Normally a Finder has to go to or another registry to find your pet’s chip when scanned. With Chippedpets; all they’d have to do it enter the chip code into Google and your information pops up. Nobody has to go to a particular site, just enter the RFID code into a Google browser and you’re found. Takes about a week. And it’s free.

Better still, without the chip code, a random search / spam bot can’t find you, so you don’t get data-mined or spammed.

If you scan a pet that has a chip and enter it here, Google will find it when searched without drilling down into the site. This service is free. See disclaimers here.

You can even register tattoos!

After filling out this brief form, and clicking submit, please wait a week or so, you should be able to enter JUST your pet’s chip ID data into your browser bar and find him or her on Google.

Another Way To Avoid Being Data-Mined or Spammed

If your RFID chip has spaces, enter it here without spaces first. An example is 451F5C2F0E
If your chip has spaces, enter it in field #1 without spaces and then in this field WITH the spaces. Both can be searched and found.