How can I boost my pet’s listing in the search engines?

Answer: If you link to your pet’s listing, for example, on your Facebook page or similar, it will increase the speed in which Google indexes your presence on  The more links pointing to from *anywhere* on the internet, the better Google like the entries and the more frequently Google ‘crawls’ the site for ‘new’ data.


Why doesn’t my registration show up in search?

Answer: The idea with is that your RFID Pet Chip registration will answer when searched in GOOGLE, not in   No one will know to search for your registration. They’ll search Google and it’ll pop up on because we’re pushing Google for crawls so that people can find your pets via Google and not some proprietary web site with a log in, membership or forum. It’s the ONLY way to allow Google to find your pet. Otherwise they have to “know” to go to or

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